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PlayNC Launcher 1.5

A nice application to download and install some online games
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PlayNC Launcher is a small application to manage the downloading and installation of all games available under the online gaming portal PlayNC. With a few clicks, you can search for games, download and install them to play right away.

What is really weird, is that you will not find any download link on anywhere but the "help & support" section. First I thought that I needed to create some site's account, but after googling for a while I found the related link to download, plus a valuable info about how to (re-)install the program - just see the review's "Home URL" ;)

Anyway, what I can say about this application is that it is very handy and comfortable, the user interface is very nice and clear, and serves its objective very well.

The only couple of drawbacks I have found are:
- First, you need Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.0 installed + MSXML library. This implies that the software may not run smoothly on low-end computers.
- Second, I was unable to find a way to stop a game download...but maybe that was just a basic mistake...

Review summary


  • Nice user interface
  • Resumes downloads


  • You need .NET framework 3.0 and MSXM
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